June, 2024
Suburbia w/ Sueuga, Talpah, Anni Nöps, + Upstairs all night Performance: 'We haven't yet talked about my imaginary friends, of which I have many'
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19:30 — 01:00

Ticket presale €10
Ticket door €12,50

Born into the realm of ’99, the enigmatic Talpah has intricately woven sonic experiences, saturating auditory explorations through platforms like CLAM, Opal Tapes, Never Sleep and Hundebiss. His sonic signature, characterized by glitches and intricate rhythms, embarks on captivating deconstruction of conventional rhythms, each fracture and fusion executed with meticulous artistry. 

Tohono O’Odham artist Sueuga (fka Sueuga Kamau) began their career in music producing beats for the raggaetoneras of Neoperreo and vocalist La Favi. Sueuga’s tracks are continually on the cutting edge of where the club and experimental sound meets. 

Anni Nöps is a sound artists and electronic composer based in the Netherlands. Her sonic palette is visceral, interlacing ghostly drone, floating melodies, hard hitting percussions and tactile noise. 

we haven’t yet talked about my imaginary friends, of which I have many’ is a series of durational performances that are based on improvisation, repetition, transients and resting. They use instruments such as flute, bass, synthesiser and vocals, sharing food, reading out books, sleeping. They amplify bodies of sound by using microphones, turning material into a shared living scenery, making room for oneself, to carry the space and be carried, to locate consciousness as a rehearsal// so I listen to the bones in my fingers crack , my intestines, my shoulders pressing into the matress.// As we lay down/ If I fall asleep, i’ll miss…without guilt/ our presence/ while I move in and out of focus, the sound persists.

performers: Carmela Michailidis, Miekie Capello, Maxim Ventulè, Stan Wiersma, Chryso Amaya Michailidis, Jilles van Kleef, Benjamin Schoones, Nevill Mitchell Martins

Vicky de Visser is a multidisciplinary artist based in Amsterdam. Besides making audiovisual installations, she is active as a creative producer and art director in visual arts, theatre and music. For Suburbia, she will transform her monochrome diaries intro a draped graphic novel on dreams.