July, 2024
b:3tter irl × Charmlink w/ windowseeker (live), kissen (live), leop4rdi (live), Isla Den (live) baby ganoush, TiZi, iced lattina
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19:00 — ?

Free before 22:00
Ticket presale €8
Ticket door €10

b:3tter irl and charmlink are calling you to garage noord on july 4 2024! this is our paradise letter to u. a little brush to remind u to hold your loved ones close and your inner child closer, esp in this challenging climate <3 perhaps think of someone you’d like to write your paradise letter to.. wink wink

join us from 19:00 for TiZiiced lattina and baby ganoush (the three witches that design the timeline of death and life) wild b3b on vibey terrace chilling by the lake inaugurating garage noord’s new restaurant :o stay past 22:00 for international guests leop4rdi, isla den, kissen and windowseeker w live heartwarming concerts. we can’t wait 2 c u ♡

kissen (live)
dives deep into a world of sensuality, darkness, and allure, effortlessly transcending traditional genre boundaries. drawing comparisons to Tirzah, Massive Attack and Sade, she seamlessly blends soft vocals with dreamy synths and punchy beats. 

leop4rdi (live) 
leop4rdi expands over a synthy sonic palette, masterfully blending soft guitar melodies reminiscent of dream pop and post-rock with rich EDM and trance leads. And while high-pitched vocal lines, thick bass-lines and beat-like drums, still all play an important role in leop4rdi’s production, the Belgian producer doesn’t shy off from playfully experimenting with more club-oriented sounds and arrangement.

Isla Den (live)
The duo is as much about mythology as melody, constructing surreal realms to house their rave-refracted pop and exploratory multimedia. At the crossroads of blissful and wistful, Isla Den’s music serves as both siren song and beautiful illusion – uncanny, but untouchable... a feedback loop of holographic longing.

windowseeker (live)
Life Can Be Crushing But I Love The Crush